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The Last Stand

Marinaleda is no ordinary town. Neither is its mayor, Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo, who managed to stay in power for 40 years, sustained by a social model that is unique in the world. The director and his camera follow the mayor of Marinaleda for three years, generating a total immersion and approach to one of the most spectacular stories of struggle and disappointment of recent decades. A fabulous discovery that will make us think and reflect on the current system.


Little african village. A young man goes to the hunt marked with the magical pattern that the village shaman have drawn on his chest. When the pattern partialy disapears young man renews it with the experience aquired in the battle. That way he becomes a true warrior.

The Discrete Way

Wai, a young Asian man in his twenties, lives at his aunt and uncle’s. He works for them as a delivery man. Trapped in a tedious life conditioned by work and a withdrawn community, he meets a solitary man. This encounter will move him deeply.


In the old village of AlWakrah, a mischievous 8-year-old girl would do anything to stay out of the kitchen and spend time with her father and older brother at sea. Her mother shares with her the most elaborate mythological tales about falling stars to keep her in the kitchen, not realising that it's stirring her curiosity. When night falls on AlWakrah, she sneaks out alone to search for a fallen star but her adventure comes to a halt when she encounters a Jinn. She wakes up to a nightmare the next morning as her parents scold her brother for leaving the house at night. Defeated, she spends her morning at the kitchen with her mother when her mother mentions that she saw a falling star the night before. Later that night, Amal climbs on a boat with the help of her brother, where she sees for the first time in her life, a falling star. She grabs the paddles and sets off to chase her dream.


Encouraged by his father not to spend all his time indoors playing computer games, a boy sets out on the adventure of meeting his neighbors.

Zero Altitude

Zero Altitude is a short documentary showing professional Dutch climbers in their attempt to come out on top during the corona crisis. They do this by building creative climbing constructions in their homes and gardens.


Henri returns to see his family after a long absence to visit his mother admitted in a psychiatric clinic. Despite his anxieties, unconsciously transmitted by his mother, Henri decides to get her out of the hospital and take care of her ...


Brought by the waves of the sea, a fantastic being of gigantic size discovers a pleasant place of great natural beauty, and makes it his home, becoming the guardian and soul of the place. There, he meets a cheerful little boy with whom he creates a bond of friendship forged in sharing the pleasure that both feel in living in harmony with nature. But one day, peace is threatened by a polluting and noisy tide.

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